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why throw away your shoes if we can fix them?

Complete repair and restoration of all kinds of shoes and boots, birkenstocks and snickers, sandals and other leather goods, such as saddle bags, riding chops, horse saddles and headstalls, luggages, purses, leather jackets, boat rents and RV canopies etc.

We can also: resole, reheel, repair toes, replace or install zippers, replace or install snaps, replace or install buckles, replace or install eyelets and grommets, stretch, polish and shine, build up heels, build up toes, build up soles, repair and shorten belts, and repair animal's damages.

Why through away, if we can fix them for you?! We are here to give new life to your footwear!
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"Im very impressed in this shoe repair! They are very responsible! I loved how they told me that they will be done on one day and they got it done earlier and even called me to let me know that my stuff is ready! Recently my trampolien ripped and NO other shop took it in! EXCEPT them! They got it in and fixed it perfectly and got it ready on time! They did an awsome job on ALL my items! this is NOT my first time here. AND NOT my last DEFINITELY!..."
We have:
Great selection of soles and heels including best in the world JR leather soles, choice of different high quality materials by Vibram, shoe laces, lLeather and cloth, shoe polish creams by Meltonian, Kiwi and Lincoln, Huberd's shoe grease, saddle soap, shoe polish brushes, all colors of dyes, all colors of new life leather spray paints by Meltonian, suede and leather cleaners, suede and leather conditioners, suede and leather waterproof, mink oil for leather and suede, leather softener, 4 way leather care, suede color renew, shoe horns, shoe stretch liquid, shoe trees, gel, foam, wool and leather insoles, pediatric insoles, heel grips, sure grips for soles, selection of belt buckles, leather wallets, used purses, used men's shoes, used danner boots (work or hiking), used military boots, used motorcycle riding boots, motorcycle saddle bags, used women's shoes, used cowboy boots, used women's boots, belts different sizes, new klogs, tingly, shoe goo, rubber cement, tuff toe (epoxy toes repair kit), boot saver toes protector, and so on.
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